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Friday, January 17, 2020
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Techniques chirurgical d'implant dentaire Guide chirugical d'implant dentaire Planification d'implant dentaire

L’IIDQ distinguishes itself…

Advanced clinical services

The Quebec Dental implantology Institute is where cutting edge implant dentistry is developed and refined, using advanced computer-assisted technologies, as well as 3D modeling for precise, predictable and aesthetic results.

At the clinic, all fields of dental implantology and complete rehabilitation are covered on an every day basis, from complex surgery, implant and prosthetic.

Professionalism, precision and safety are the intrinsic qualities of our center and team.

Made-to-measure services

The Institute specializes in implant surgery for all dentists who perform treatments in prosthetic implants. We work with our referring dentists and strive to achieve the highest standards in dentistry.

In addition, we offer computer-assisted services using 3D simulation allowing dentists to carry out carefully planed prosthetic cases.

chirurgie d'implant dentaire


Model 3D simplant d'Implant dentaire

Computer-assisted Implantology

The Quebec Dental Implantology Institute uses the latest technology to achieve the best possible results. Our advanced technologies include, the 3D computerized planning protocols SimPlant (A 3D reconstruction of the patient's maxilla or mandible from the CTscan). This allows greater accuracy in diagnosis and treatment. Computer-assisted implantology provides accuracy and unparalleled security through the use of surgical guides. Stereolithographic models are computer designed and manufactured with a laser technology (accurate replica of the patient's jaw) that can be used to plan more complex cases. In applicable cases, the Institute also provides the application of immediate crowns, after the insertion of implants.

Cas complex d'implant dentaire

Advanced Surgery

When the patient has a insufficient bone volume, bone reconstruction will be used prior to implant surgery. The appropriate surgical techniques will be applied with advanced protocols. Success in implantology lies in thoughtful and intrequite planning based on a comprehensive approach to treatment.

Bone grafting

  • Sinus elevation

  • Bone Expansion

  • Soft tissue surgery

Planning:  Accuracy   Security   Predictability  Patient comfort  ■ Bone Regeneration (BMP)

Imagerie simplant de cas d'implant dentaire

The Prosthetic Project

The Institute advocates a prosthetic project-based approach. Indeed, the placement of implants is performed according to biomechanical criteria, and aesthetic required by the treatment, as well as carefull planning.

guide chirurgical pour implant dentaire  pose d'implant dentaire

The main difficulty in implantology lies in the precision with which the implants are inserted. For example, with the implant computer aided technology, we are given accurate information about the patient's anatomy. Secondly, we conduct a planning process for the ideal positioning of implants in the three dimensions of space (location, depth, angle, one hundredth of a mm of precision). 

This allows us to simulate any surgery or placement of implants and crowns. Thus, we visualize the intervention in advance, without any clinical barriers and are able to prevent complications that could occur during surgery.

Depending on the treatment, our Institute uses surgical guides either supported by the bone, the teeth or the gum. We are therefore able to perform less invasive surgery while increasing result predictability and patient satisfaction.

Performing flapless surgery

dental implant flapless surgery

Great flexibility for the dentist

Guided by the needs of general dentists, Dr. Gilbert Tremblay with a dedicated practice in dental implant and rehabilitation is able to understand and follow the prosthetic plan developed by the dentist. Dr. Tremblay works in concert with the referring dentist to place implants always as agreed upon.

He can perform bone grafting and soft tissue surgeries, and reconstruction that will carry out the prosthetic projects as planned. He can also support the referring dentist in his or her planning of implant cases. Implantology services at the Institute are designed to be flexible and respond to a variety of dentists needs.

Dr. Tremblay prepares cases depending on the level of intervention requested, from implant surgery to crown insertion, according to the referring dentist's prescription. He can also propose treatment plans that are best suited for each case. 

Dr. Tremblay offers tailor-made services to referring dentists and customers such as basic and advanced surgical services including implant pivots, final impressions and crown cementing as requested.